Sebastian Gutierrez Lutz | Viatur Travel Services | San José, Costa Rica
We were very happy with the set-up of TTR Baltic. All was very well coordinated, with a good schedule, and the logistics for the meetings was very good.

We made many useful new contacts and the agents and others we met were professional and knowledgeable. The Baltics are a small but growing market and we took part because we saw the opportunity to promote our services.

Adriana Paniagua | Oasis Hotels Cancun & Riviera Maya | Mexico
This was my second participation and I found it very productive. The participants were professional, particularly those in Riga.

For hotel chains, any market is important. In our case this is an emerging business and I am pleased with the results, as Mexico is starting as a new exotic destination for Baltic tourists.

Delestras Bisuekolo | Marketing Officer, Nordic & Baltic Countries
Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board | Stockholm
The total score for this amazing Baltic tour is 11/10, for the creativity, coordination and outstanding service in all three Baltic cities. The roadshow delivers what it promises and is probably the best platform

for understanding the Baltic markets in a short time – any manager’s dream. Overall, we understood that Malaysia is becoming popular in the Baltics. We need more footprints – and we soon understood that many agents selling Malaysia had not been to the country. That is a serious business insight that we will work with from our side.

Klaus Bigum | Senior Sales Executive | Scandinavia, Finland, Baltic States
ATM Dedicated GSA for Air Canada | Denmark |

TTR Baltic was well planned and executed and the hotels and meeting areas were of a good standard.

I got to meet a lot of new contacts and caught up with old contacts – valuable! It was three years since our last visit to the Baltic region, so it was due time and we brought a lot of news.

Román Tsallágov | Regional Sales Manager | Hard Rock – All Inclusive Collection
Organization was great and Agnese helped a lot with all the moments during our roadshow. We made many contacts in Latvia and Lithuania, though in Estonia there were not so many people.

The majority of the agents and people we met were more-or-less knowledgeable about my destinations and showed interest in my product. The Baltic markets are new for us, but I see potential. I hope next year we’ll take part in more events.

Michael Horn | Le Voyageur | Madagascar
TTR Baltic was well organized and the hotels were fine. I got good contacts and the contacts I had were really interested in the destination of Madagascar.

Several tour operators I met will join our fam-trip in May. The Baltics are a small market but hopefully good – and I think I was the first TO from Madagascar participating in such an event in the Baltics, which made it even more interesting for me.

Terry Engesser | Managing Director | Canadian Tours International
The set-up of the event was generally good and the hotels were centrally located. These were mostly general contacts with no real specific requests, as Canada is not a typical destination for these clients.

The agents did not have too much knowledge of the destination but they were professional. Workshops are really the only place where I can meet a concentrated group of clients who come from these countries, so it’s the best access for the market.

Bruno Van Den Bossche | Marketing Manager | Inspiration Zimbabwe
The workshop planner did a really great job and the event was extremely successful. Our strategy is to lead in smaller, less conventional markets. As such the size of the markets in the Baltic states is perfect.

Knowledge seems to be a challenge as the travel agents still have a lot to learn. And accessibility to “my” destinations is also still very much a challenge, both in terms of flights and visa rules. But, as with many things, patience is the name of the game and it will surely bloom… and the day it blooms, we should be pretty well known in the market.